Posted by: danimal25 | 01/05/2009

Fiesta Bowl Preview

While this contest has about as much impact on the national title picture as an intra-squad scrimmage in the middle of April, I (along with every degenerate sports gambler) will be watching the action very closely Monday night.

The reason I am so anxious for this matchup? Two words: Terrelle Pryor. Ohio State’s freshman phenom dubbed “The Next Vince Young” will be facing VY’s former team in the Fiesta Bowl. From the moment Pryor was rushed into duty as starting quarterback at the beginning of the season, his play improved dramatically each week.

As a result, the Ohio State coaches began loosening the reigns on the young stallion and have begun expanding his role in the offense.  Since the Buckeye’s last game was back on November 22nd, the squad has had over 7 weeks to prepare for Texas. This break has allowed Pryor time to digest more of the offensive playbook, as well as giving him an opportunity to refine his raw throwing mechanics.

Considering the progress the young QB has made on a weekly basis during the season, I am anticipating a much more polished and prepared Pryor coming off his 7 week hiatus.

It won’t be easy, however. Texas has a swarming athletic defense led by senior sack artist Brian Orakpo. If the Longhorns are able to rattle the young QB and limit his scrambling ability, it could be a very long night for the Buckeyes.



  1. With all due respect SS, I saw Vince Young play, TP is no VY at least not yet. He throws the ball like my little sis, Mary, in 4th grade at Our Lady of Lourdes school. He can float across the field like the a ghost but his passing has as much success as a bernie madoff investment oops scam. More importantly, the Buckeyes continue to lose big games on national TV for one reason…their defense. It is too slow and they always match up against better athletes. Sweater vest Tressel needs to recruit from the gumbo kitchens in the South and avoid the fatty white dudes at Sonic Burgers in the North. As my daddy used to say…” you don’t win with x’s and o’s but with jimmys and joes.”

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