Posted by: danimal25 | 06/02/2008

The Truth Hurts

Kobe Bryant is better than Michael Jordan.

There. I said it. I had to swallow my pride and admit it.

I have long been critical of Kobe. His arrogant swagger, constant showboating, and aloof personality have always rubbed me the wrong way. For years, I have rooted against him and have reveled in his failures.

However, now, I must face the truth.

Bobby Jones once said about Jack Nicklaus, ”He plays a game with which I am not familiar.” This is precisely how I feel about Bryant. I have watched countless hours of basketball during my 25 years on this planet. Never before have I seen someone so dominant on a basketball court as Kobe has been during the 2008 playoffs.

Clearly, Michael’s career achievements outweigh Bryant’s. However, right now, Kobe’s skills cannot be matched. His combination of explosive athleticism, shooting touch, passing ability, and defensive intensity are what set him apart.

On top of all of this, Kobe has a killer instinct. He plays with a controlled rage and wants to absolutely bury the opponent. While most players fear taking the final shot (Kevin Garnett, Chris Webber, etc.), Bryant lives for the crucial moment. He welcomes it with open arms. When the game is on the line, that is when Kobe is at his best.

Now, this doesn’t mean I am running out to buy a #24 Laker jersey. I am simply stating a fact…. as much as it pains me to do so.



  1. Fo shiz…it took “the doubting Thomas” a while to realize it was Jesus.

  2. I honestly don’t know how I follow that last comment…beautiful…However, Danimal, I must agree with how you phrasaed that…If I recall correctly Chief Jim C, the danimal, The Commish aka “dad w BL”, and yours truly in Chi-town watchin Rodman scwabble with big bad Grant Hill and MJ wearin #45 if I recall correctly. My point is that he was/is the most prolific player in all of sports, but Kobe’s talent is almost undiscribable. Great passage buddy!

  3. Although he is superior, it doesn’t change the fact that I hate his guts!!! Paul Pierce is going to have a field day in the finals.

  4. Danimal, a.k.a CorriganGuy Jr. – I just wanted to add a few comments. Being a Laker fan since 1998 (I know, that’s still considered “fairweathered” by most hard core/old school Laker fans, but I moved to LA in 1998 and had no choice but to jump on the Shaq/Kobe wagon), I have had the pleasure of watching Kobe basically go from a young, straight-out-of-high school phenom to the global superstar that he is today. Strickly from a talent standpoint, I would say Kobe and MJ are equals. From a career-to-date standpoint, Kobe is well behind MJ. Don’t forget MJ’s 5 MVP’s, 6 rings and 6 Finals MVP’s to name a few. Also consider MJ’s career scoring average ended up at 30.1 point per game while Kobe is at 25. I will say that with Kobe, Bynum, Gasol, Lamar and gang, the Lakers are set up to be the team of the future for the next 5-6 years. If they can keep this unit together, along with Zen-master Phil, the rings may keep on coming, just as they will in about two weeks when the Lakers take down the overrated Celtics in 6! Fo shiz dog, Fo shiz!

  5. Lakers in 6…take it to the bank. Kobe “the unstoppable” will be the MVP. The Riddler aka “JACK” on the sidelines will be grinning ear to ear in his own drunken aura.

  6. Furthermore…all superior nonpareil athletes, like KB “want to absolutely bury the opponent.” Who does that remind you of, hint, he plays plays golf? Out!

  7. Did the commish say fo shiz and then went on to talk about Jesus? He’s like Reverend Deion Sanders!

  8. When you have a league that admits to callin fouls differently for different players depending on their popularity how can you even know for certain how good a player is? I will admit that Kobe is a fantastic player no doubt! Until we go back to the rules of basketball being enforced equally among players – who really knows.

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