Posted by: danimal25 | 05/24/2008

Dorsey Enjoying “The Good Life”

A Kansas City newspaper recently published a profile on new Chief defensive tackle, Glenn Dorsey. The number five overall selection in the draft is viewed as a future Pro Bowl performer. His combination of power, speed, and quickness is rare for a man of his size.

However, the article describes Dorsey’s extravagant spending habits. In the past three months alone, he has purchased over 75 pairs of shoes! And he hasn’t even signed his contract yet! Now, this doesn’t mean that he will be a wasted draft pick. His talent is undeniable. You have to wonder though, will he become complacent and satisfied now that he is a multi-millionaire?

Much is expected of these top draft picks as they enter the NFL. But, it is difficult to project how a rookie will adapt from college life to his new career as a paid professional. Franchises have squandered millions of dollars on college players that lose their drive and motivation once they sign on the dotted line. For the Chiefs’ sake, I hope Dorsey is worth every last penny. If he isn’t, his selection will have been a costly mistake.



  1. Thank God the Rams chose Chris Long.

  2. I concur. I saw him play against Alabama last year and he is a freak of nature, but I am very pleased w. the Chris Long pick. Keep it up danimal I love the input

  3. 75 pairs of shoes! And hasn’t signed a contract?
    I hope he is better on the court than in the shopping mall.

  4. ooops……make that better on the field than the shopping mall. Guess I got distracted. I’m in the mall myself. Let’s see, should I buy 15 pair of shoes today, or 20?

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