Posted by: danimal25 | 05/22/2008

Not Exactly A Parcells Kind Of Guy

Miami Dolphins defender and “Dancing with the Stars” participant, Jason Taylor, recently said the following regarding his football career: “I want to win period, and I would love to win in Miami. There are a lot of things out here (Los Angeles) going on, and a lot of opportunities coming up, but the plan is to play. Football is still my priority. I still have a passion to play football.” However, in the same conversation, he mentioned that he is going to miss all offseason workouts, including Dolphins training camp when it opens in July.

Okay… so, let me get this straight. Miami’s defensive “leader” just spent the last three months in Hollywood prancing around in a leotard and is going to remain in LA to pursue other “opportunities” while his teammates are slaving away in South Florida learning a new playbook? If Taylor really had a “passion” for the game, he wouldn’t be memorizing lines for a “Days of our Lives” casting call. Instead, he would be hitting the weights with his fellow Dolphins and acting like a professional.

If he doesn’t want to play football anymore, that’s fine. He can join the ballet for all I care. But he needs to be upfront with Bill Parcells and the new coaching staff and stop stringing them along. This sort of double talk sends the wrong signals to the coaches, fellow players, and the fan base. A young team coming off a 1-15 season needs a veteran leader, not a wannabe Ricky Martin.



  1. There is no way in south florida hell that JT will be with the fins next year. JT knew his future was brighter on the parquet than the turf. Which would you choose? Smelly jocks or delicious babes? Shows me he’s been playing with his helmet on unlike alot of those lunkheads in the National Football League.

  2. Great work, danimal!!! You certainly know your way around the various sporting events. Am waiting for a posting on Lacrosse. The NCAA finals are on this weekend. Navy was bounced out last Saturday. Johns Hopkins was just too much. The ‘separated at birth” feature is just too much! Keep it up.

  3. Mama Mia! are you sure you did not major in English at University? Your writing is enjoyable to read. Good sentience structure. Short informative senetnces.
    Your grasp of the sport, of the business of sport, and the media spin of sport is impressive.
    I am learing a lot by reading your essays/columns.
    Keep up the great work!
    The ‘look alike’ contests are a hoot!

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